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Our patented Craterhab Technology incorporates smart design features, including segmental construction on site over Martian craters using minimal engineering. The overall design of an individual Mareekh settlement will consist of  ten to twenty or so Craterhabs in individual craters 150 to 500 meters across, each as a separate module with a specific role. There will be separate Craterhabs for manufacturing and industry, mining, residential, leisure, business, farming, and administrative purposes. These individual Craterhabs will be interconnected through fibre-reinforced concrete tunnels with sealed doors to separate and seal individual Craterhabs in any catastrophic event like structural failure of one of the domes. The patent-pending Craterhab Technology is designed to have ease of replacement of aging domes without affecting the internal pressurized environments through construction of an external dome while maintaining the integrity of the aging dome during the construction process; a truly smart feature in comparison to contemporary models.

IMG-20210927-WA0019 (1).jpg
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