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International 2023 Mars Society Convention

Updated: Oct 23, 2023


Craterhab Technology - Mars Convention 2023
Download PPTX • 136.93MB

Mareekh Process - Mars Convention 2023
Download PPTX • 16.96MB

Four days' program and dozens of presentations and talks related to Mars. Join virtually and listen to the experts share their vision, insight and technologies for exploring and settling on the red planet.

We will be delivering two presentations in-person at the convention. The first one is the first presentation of day 1 on 5th October, on the engineering concept and principles behind our patented habitation megastructures on Mars; the Craterhabs. The second talk is on day 3 on our patented novel hybrid power generation concept for Mars; the Mareekh Process. Join virtually and don't miss out.

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