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Our third patent (design for the Craterhab) got published by the USPTO

Our third patent (design patent for the Craterhab) got published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Craterhabs are pressurized habitation megastructures for human habitation on Mars, which can be built over small Martian craters, 50 -500 m or more in diameter, utilising the compactness of the rims of Craters for anchoring, and utilising the depth of the craters as extra volume, reducing the material-to-volume ratio. Hemi-ellipsoid design with a hexagonal skeletal framework is the most stable structure for an inflated large fabric dome. Though craters offer the best topography for building Craterhabs, they are not limited to craters as they can be built on flat surfaces using the same engineering principles. They can also be built on the Lunar surface, or on any other planetary body with a solid surface and low atmospheric pressure such as Jovian moons Ganymede, Calliso, or the dwarf planets. This hemi-ellipsoid dome design with hexagonal skeletal framework for human habitation structures on planetary bodies with low atmospheric pressure is now an official intellectual property of Mareekh Dynamics.

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