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Engineering Solutions for

Human Habitation on Mars

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Mareekh Dynamics (Mareekh Design) is a space technology start-up company offering innovative engineering solutions for establishing human habitation on Mars. Our objective is to produce low cost, extremely efficient human habitation structures based on our proposed Craterhab design that made it to the list of top ten finalists in the International Mars City State Design Competition 2020. We find strength in our patented Craterhab Technology that incorporates human habitation modules, radiation shield, and power generation. Our technology can be tested on Earth through creation of Mars simulation bases in order to test the parameters of the Craterhab design before embarking on the humanity’s next giant leap.

About us


Mars is calling and we are heeding it. As humanity is gearing up for its next giant leap by becoming interplanetary, we strive to be part of this equation by playing our role in the advent of this new age in Human history; the Interplanetary Age. We aim to achieve this by offering comprehensive engineering solutions for construction of human habitation modules based on our Craterhab technology. These ideas can be harnessed to create small to large-scale Mars simulation bases on Earth in order to test every possible parameter of Human habitation based on our design.

Our Mission
Mareekh Settlement construction 5.jpg
Mareekh Settlement construction 5.jpg


Our Craterhab Technology is low cost and its construction and installation would require minimum engineering effort and time; a crucial requirement for establishing initial and long term human settlement on Mars. These Craterhabs can be constructed using available fabric and composite material, and can be tested in Mars simulation bases on Earth.


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Craterhab design will not only protect against low atmospheric pressures and temperatures, it will also provide reasonable amount of protection against solar and cosmic radiation, obviating the need for creating tons of regolith or water shielding in many contemporary models that carry huge costs and potential risk to human lives inside the habitats.

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The Craterhabs can be constructed using small construction facilities on Mars. This design features ease of installation, incorporating modular usage, inclusion of safety features, and ease of replacement.

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Craterhab Technology incorporates protection of the inhabitants from UV radiation utilizing the unique properties of the fabric and material we propose in its design. In addition, the Craterhabs will incorporate active integrated radiation shield against solar wind and cosmic rays in its design; a game-changer in the arena of radiation protection measures for inhabitants on Mars.

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At Mareekh Dynamics, we propose new methods of power generation on the red planet not previously discussed, for the prospective human civilization there, utilizing unique natural resources on Mars. 

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Mareekh Dynamics aims to propose and strives for the development of alternate propulsion systems as an adjunct to rocket technology, enabling humans to explore solar system and beyond in future.

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Our Team

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr M. Akbar Hussain

Dr. Muhammad Akbar Hussain is an Australian General Practitioner and a qualified astronomer. Mareekh Dynamics is his brain child based on his Craterhab concept that he presented in the final round of the International Mars City State Design Competition in 2020. After founding Mareekh Dynamics in Dec 2020, he obtained three patents for Mareekh Dynamics from USPTO, relating to the large-scale habitation engineering and a novel hybrid power generation concept for Mars. He is the founder of Australia's first mobile observatory, the Southern Cross Outreach Observatory Project. He sees potential of a network of mobile observatories in mitigating the space debris problem and proposed a ground-based ADR method which is patent pending with the USPTO. Dr Hussain was a finalist for the Scientist of the Year in Australian Space Awards 2023.


Co-Founder and Director

M. Mehdi Hussain

Muhammad Mehdi Hussain is a computer engineer with an experience of 17 years in building technology startups and leading large teams. Mehdi is also engaged with astronomy for past two decades and is running an active Karachi Astronomers Society for past 12 years with 10,000+ members. Mehdi is also operating a space observatory in Pakistan. Besides, he has been researching on Mud Volcanism on Earth and on Mars and has published articles from Mareekh Dynamics platform regarding the same to claim the presence of liquid water on Martian surface.


Co-Founder and Director

Waqar Haider

Waqar Haider is a Melbourne based astronomer and has special interest in astrophotography, precision engineering and fabrication.


Biotechnology Scientist

Rida Fatima

Rida is a keen industrial biotechnologist with special interest in microbial bioengineering to facilitate crop growth for future Martian human settlements. She intends to pursue PhD in crop genomics from a microbiomic perspective to harness extremophile bacteria in facilitating food production on Mars for future human colonies. 

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Systems Engineer

M. Ayaz Hussain

Ayaz is an engineer in the field of machine learning and robotics, and obtained a master's degree in automation and robotics with a focus on cognitive systems and robotics from the Technical University of Dortmund. He is currently pursuing PhD in Control Systems and Robotics .


28 Hamra Drive, Smithfield SA 5114, Australia



Australia: +61-478144483


Pakistan: +92-301-822-6288

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